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T: +371 28 300 777
Rental price 
Rental price is determined for 24 hours. Rental price can be reduced or increased depending on the period and conditions of rent. 

Rental term 
The minimum rental term is 24 hours.  

Age limit

The driver/lesser shall be at least 21 years of age.

Personal identification documents
The driver/lesser shall hold a valid passport and a driver’s licence of a corresponding category issued at least two years ago.

Payments and security deposit
The payment for rent and the security deposit shall be paid at the moment of lease. Payments shall be made in cash, by money transfer or by credit cards . The amount of the security deposit (self-risk) shall be determined separately, it is withhold at the beginning of the rental term and reimbursed at the end of the rental term.

The rental vehicle is insured against damage (LDW), theft and robbery (THW), and it has a valid compulsory third party liability insurance policy (OCTA). The minimum amount of safety deposit (Excess) is 300EUR to 400EUR depends on car class. 

Reduction of Excess
Upon client’s request the liability (Excess) for the damages caused to the vehicle can be reduced to 0EUR. In such a case the client must pay the liability reduction payment, the amount of which is determined according to the rental conditions, but not less then 15EUR per day. 

Vehicle delivery

Vehicle delivery/return takes place in Riga city on weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00. Upon prior agreement and at additional cost delivery of the vehicle can be carried out in different time or place.

Administrative violations and loss of documents/keys 
The client is fully liable for all administrative violations of the road traffic regulations that have been committed during the vehicle lease period. In case of loss of the vehicle documents or keys the client shall pay compensation in the amount of 100EUR.

The rental vehicle is delivered to the client with a full fuel tank. The client shall act similarly. Should the client return the vehicle with a partially full tank, he/she shall pay the compensation in the amount of 2EUR per each missing litre of fuel.

Territorial restrictions
The vehicle rent territory shall be within the administrative borders of the Republic of Latvia. Extension of the territory to the boundaries of the European Union shall be carried out only upon agreement with the Lessor. Addiditonal fee apply - 10EUR per 24h.

Бронирование осуществляется только для группы автомобилей, определенная марка не гарантированa.​